Use these simple and easy to apply beauty tips to brighten your life


Getting late to office but can’t get your liner right? Have a dinner party to attend but struggling with your blush? Sounds familiar, right? These are problems that most women face, unless you have perfected the art of make-up. There’s no point losing your cool and running around frantically at the last moment. And yes, washing your face is not going to help too. You will only lose out on more time. We suggest you follow these 7 beauty hacks to make your life easier.

Scotch tape/ business cards: If creating the perfect winged liner is an everyday struggle then use scotch tape, doctor tape or business cards. First, place the tape on the back of your hand. This will make it a little less sticky. Then, place it under your eye diagonally upwards and just line your eyes. If you are using a business card then you just need to place it in the same area to create the perfect wing.

Teaspoons: A teaspoon or two can come in very handy, especially with curling eyelashes and getting rid of the puffiness under your eyes. Heat up the spoon a bit but make sure you don’t burn your lashes. Press the convex side on the lashes a couple of times and voila! You have curly lashes. Now, for the puffiness of the eyes, put the spoons in the freezer and after a while just take them out and place the convex side under your eyes.

Bottle caps and highlighters: Lip plumping is a big thing these days but why invest in an expensive lip plumper when you can do the needful with a bottle cap and highlighter? Plump your lips a couple of times to get that desired lip size and then once you have the lipstick on, take some highlighter on your fingertip and dab it slightly on your upper and lower lip in the center only. That’ll help give your lips the dimension you desire.

Bronzer: We all know how important the bronzer is for a sun-kissed look but that’s not the only thing you could use it for. You can also use it to get temporary ombre hair. Divide your hair into tiny sections and apply the bronzer on the ends of your hair. You could use eyeshadows too but we wouldn’t recommend that. Bronzers have a very warm tone to them, which is what eyeshadows lack.

Cotton: You must be thinking how is cotton related to beauty hacks? You probably could never imagine how useful cotton could be with creating false lashes effect. Use a spooly to get some cotton on it. Apply the first coat of mascara and then run the spooly through your lashes and apply another coat. Repeat the process till you get the desired length.

Eyelash curler: Let’s surprise you again with how an eyelash curler could make your life easier. Line the eyelash curler with your pencil liner. When you curl your lashes, the liner on the curler tends to act as tattoo and imprints itself on the baseline of your upper eyelid. So, you can save your precious time by curling your lashes and lining your eyes, simultaneously.

Eye shadows: Do you run out of eyeliner too often and are lazy to make a visit to the shop to buy a new one? You have nothing to worry about. Dip your eyeliner brush in water and dab it on the eye shadow colour that you wish to use as an eyeliner. Glide on your eyeliner and you’ll be surprised by the results. Also, if you have a bald spot on your head, or forgot to touch up your roots, you could just dab the eye shadow that goes with your hair colour and you’re good to go.

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