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Manoj Dey Biography

You must have heard about YouTuber Manoj Dey and might have watched his video. Manoj Dey success story is all due to his hard work, passion, desire, determination, and most important internet. The Internet played a crucial role in the success story of Manoj Dey. YouTube brought a revolutionary change in Manoj Dey’s life and now Manoj Dey monthly income is in lakhs. Many of us have internet connections in our homes but only a few of us use them wisely. Instead, Manoj Dey has efficiently used the internet which he can barely afford and popularized Manjo Dey biography by making his presence among the public. Let’s dig deeper into Manoj Dey’s life by this ‘Manoj Dey article’ or ‘Manoj Dey Blog’ and become familiar with Manoj Dey success story.

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7. Manoj Dey Income

About Manoj Dey:

Manoj Dey biography tells that Manoj Dey’s real name is Manoj Dey who was born on 12th July 1997 in Dhanbad District of Jharkhand. Manoj Dey is 24 years old as of 2021. Manoj Dey has done his schooling from a government school and later Manoj Dey got an ITI degree after graduation. Manoj Dey family includes his mom, dad, and a brother named Raju. Manoj Dey relationship status is single and he is unmarried. Manoj Dey’s father was a mechanic and his financial condition was poor from the beginning. Manoj Dey used to be worried about his career so he never left any stone unturned or any opportunity missed to learn or grow in life.

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Physical Appearance of Manoj Dey:

Manoj Dey height is 5.10 inches and Manoj Dey weight is 65 Kg.
Manoj Dey eye color is black whereas his hair color is a mix of brownish and black.

Manoj Dey Biography

Beginning of Youtube journey:

In 12th grade, Manoj Dey watched Dharmendra Kumar’s video My Small Support that motivated and encouraged him to make youtube videos. First Manoj Dey youtube channel created after that where he used to upload cover songs. But due to lack of internet, he quit. Later, when JIO came into the market, he started getting free internet, and from there success story of Manoj Dey begin. Then Manoj Dey decided to upload videos like tips, tricks, and unboxing. Manoj Dey first video on youtube was on “J5 & J7 (2015) Nougat Update Related News” without any editing. Manoj Dey first video was uploaded on Manoj Dey youtube channel named “Manoj Dey” which was started on 24th November 2016.

Manoj Dey Collaborations:

Manoj Dey has collaborated with many YouTubers such as Deb Tech, Apna Rohit Bhai, Google tricks vlogs, Me Aryan, Tech Support Ashish, and Ajay Raj Prajapati.

Manoj Dey on Social Media or contact details:

Manoj Dey mobile number is not available publically. Manoj Dey website is not available but you can mail him on its official mail Earlier Manoj Dey used to upload on TikTok and Manoj Dey TikTok had a million followers. But after the TikTok ban, Manoj Dey TikTok account was dissolved. Many people want to know Manoj Dey contact number or Manoj Dey phone number but he has not announced his phone number or contact number to the public. Manoj Dey facebook account username is manojdey23. Manoj Dey is also on Twitter with the same username. Manoj Dey Instagram username is manojdey23 and Manoj Dey Instagram followers are 179K. Manoj Dey YouTuber has 1.56 million Manoj Dey subscribers. Other than this, Manoj Dey Youtuber has two more youtube channels namely Manoj Dey vlogs and Actor Manoj Dey. Manoj Dey YouTuber channel Manoj Dey Vlogs has 258K Manoj Dey subscribers. Also, Manoj Dey YouTuber channel Actor Manoj Dey has 40.1K subscribers.

Official Account

Manoj Dey Youtuber

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Manoj Dey net worth:

Manoj Dey net worth as of March 2021 is $393,000 whereas Manoj Dey net worth in Indian rupees is Rs 2.84 Crore. Manoj Dey net worth includes money from all his youtube channels, ads and sponsorships as well. Manoj Dey worth a year or Manoj Dey yearly income is more than Rs 50 Lakhs.

Manoj Dey Income:

Manoj Dey monthly income includes Manoj Dey youtube income as a major source of income and income from ads, promotions, and sponsorships. Manoj Dey channel earnings from channel ‘Manoj Dey’ is approx. $ 2.1k — $ 33.1k which is around Rs 1.5 lakhs — Rs 25 lakhs. Manoj Dey channel earnings from another channel ‘Manoj Dey Vlogs’ is approx. $356 — $ 5.7k which is around Rs 26k — Rs. 4.3 lakhs. Another source of Manoj Dey income is Manoj Dey channel ‘Actor Manoj Dey’ from which he earns approx. $15 — $236 is around Rs 1100 — Rs 17 thousand. Apart from this, ads, sponsors and promotions also contribute to Manoj Dey income.
Manoj Dey has achieved great success in life due to his strong willpower, determination, and willingness to work. The success story of Manoj Dey inspires and motivates millions of individuals to start working and believing in themselves.

                           FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is Manoj Dey?
A: Manoj Dey is a Famous YouTube. He has two channels, the first one is his main channel, Manoj Dey, and the second one is Manoj Dey Vlogs. He uploads technology related videos on his main channel. He shoots his daily lifestyle and uploads to his other channel Manoj Dey Vlogs.
Q: What is Manoj dey Age?
A: Manoj Dey is 24 year old, and he is born in 12 jully 1997.
Q: What is the income of Manoj dey?
A: Manoj Dey earn 50 thousand per month.

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