Shorgul is all set to release on July 1


Since the launch of its first communication, ‘Shorgul’, a 24 FPS Films Production, produced by Swatantra Vijay Singh has been in the eye of the storm. It started with a PIL filed against the film, then protests, a fatwa against its lead actors, political pressure and unrest, all surmounting to security concerns about screening this movie. Now the Jimmy Sheirgill-Ashutosh Rana-starrer has finally received a clearance from all states and will release nationwide on July 1. Also featuring Hiten Tejwani, Eijaz Khan, Narendra Jha and Suha Gezen, the political drama has music by Lalit Pandit and Niladri Kumar, with lyrics by Kapil Sibal.

Jimmy says, “We’ve always maintained that ‘Shorgul’ is not a depiction of any specific incident or occurrence, but a reflection of what happens in our society, bringing out issues that concern the nation. Our intention is not to instigate anyone or create controversies but to ensure that cine-goers go back home with a sense of responsibility.” Ashutosh adds, “The film is of the people, by the people and for the people. There’s no greater good than promoting the ideology of humanity and love through art. As actors, it is our responsibility to give out a strong social message through cinema. ‘Shorgul’ is one such film that promises to sow a seed of humanity in each of us.”

Kapil Sibal states, “It’s been a remarkable experience turning lyricist for this movie, especially through ‘Tere Bina’. Please support it and give an impetus to meaningful cinema.” The production house will be scouting for their next Bollywood film and working on an international music property as part of its humanitarian mission this year.

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