Ranu Mondal Singer Age, Net worth, Songs and Latest updates

Ranu Mondal Singer

An overnight sensation and hidden talent of the country, Ranu Maria Mondal is a Singer recognized by people after Ranu Mondal Singer video of the song “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” went viral on the internet. Before that Ranu Mondal was only an employee at Railway Station in Ranaghat, West Bengal where she used to sing songs.

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  7. Did Salman Khan gifted house to Ranu Mondal?
  8. Who is Ranu Mondal husband?
  9. Who is Ranu Mandal daughter?
  10. What is the story of Ranu Mandal?

History of Ranu Mondal Singer

History of Ranu Mondal Singer mostly belongs to West Bengal and Mumbai. Ranu Mondal Singer wiki or Ranu Mondal singer Wikipedia shows that Ranu Mondal was born on Saturday, 5 November 1960 in Krishnanagar, West Bengal. Ranu Mondal Singer age as of 2021 is 61 years. Ranu Mondal lived with her paternal aunt in Ranaghat West Bengal as her parents passed away when Ranu Mondal Singer age was just six months. Being passionate about music since childhood, Ranu Mondal used to listen to songs of singers like Mohammad Rafi, Mukesh, and Lata Mangeshkar. Ranu Mondal is from a Christian family. Ranu Mondal got married at the age of 19 and has a daughter and a son from that husband. After her husband died in 2009, Ranu Mondal got married again and has a daughter and a son from that husband too. Ranu Mondal singer wiki or Ranu Mondal singer Wikipedia also reveals that Ranu Mondal singer daughter name is Elizabeth Sathi Roy and her first husband’s name was Bablu Mondal who was a cook.

Ranu Mondal History

Ranu Mondal Singer Story

Ranu Mondal Life Story Superstar Singer

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Ranu Mondal Songs

Ranu Mondal singer age is just 61 but Ranu Mondal songs are just unbelievable. Ranu Mondal singer songs are not only a few. Ranu Mondal songs list includes a list of famous songs. Ranu Mondal Singer first song was “Teri Meri Kahani”. Ranu Mondal songs include a list of beautiful songs. The Latest Ranu Mondal songs of 2020 are “Trending Love”, “Akhiyaan”, “Love”, “Aashiqui Mein Teri 2.0”, “Keh Rahi Hai Nazdikiyan”, “Aadat”, “Tomari Ashraye” and “Tere Khaab”. Other than the latest Ranu Mondal songs are “Ek Nyyi Jindgi”, “Wohi Mera Pyara”, “Duniya Awaj Uthaye”, “Teri Diwani Hojna”, “Tu Sapne Mai Aahi Jaati Hai”, and “Dard Ees Pyaar Ke”.

More about Ranu Mondal

Ranu Mondal net worth is approx 7 lakh or more as per the sources. Ranu Mondal net worth is not yet confirmed by trusted sources. After popular singer Himesh Reshammiya offered Ranu Mondal a song to sing, Ranu Mondal net worth is estimated by sources as approx 7 lakh.
Ranu Mondal used to live in Ranaghat, West Bengal therefore Ranu Mondal today is known as Ranu Mondal Singer Ranaghat. Later Ranu Mondal house shifted to Mumbai but Ranu Mondal house address is not known publically.

Ranu Mondal Himesh Rashmiya

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Ranu Mondal Popularity

Ranu Mondal wiki shows that after Ranu Mondal singer song or Ranu Mondal Singer video while singing got viral, Ranu Mondal gained popularity and offers to sing for popular singers in the industry. After Ranu Mondal received offers for songs, Ranu Mondal Singer Youtube channel flooded with subscribers and Ranu mondal singer youtube fans increased. Not only this, Ranu Mondal singer photos started to appear on all social media platforms. Ranu Mondal singer photo of comparison from earlier and after being viral. The overnight sensation Ranu Mondal is lucky to be blessed with such a sweet voice.

Ranu Mondal Popularity

Ranu Mondal Latest Updates

Ranu Mondal latest news 2020 reveals that Ranu Mondal facing health issues. Ranu Mondal latest news today that shows Ranu Mondal facing financial crises. Ranu Mondal latest news reveals the fact that Ranu Mondal is not getting work due to her attitude problem. Sources bring the fact that Ranu Mondal today has become an ordinary person and has spent all the money earned in the lockdown period.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where is Ranu Mondal now?
A: Ranu Mondal is currently at her old residence with a family struggling to make ends due to lockdown.
Q: Did Salman Khan gifted house to Ranu Mondal?
A: The news that Salman Khan gifted Ranu Mondal a house is not true. Salman Khan did not gift any house to Ranu Mondal which is confirmed by his manager.
Q: Who is Ranu Mondal husband?
A: Ranu Mondal’s first husband was Bablu Mondal who died years ago and the name of the second husband is not known.
Q: Who is Ranu Mandal daughter?
A: Ranu Mondal’s daughter is Elizabeth Sathi Roy who has been taking care of Ranu Mondal the most among her four children.
Q: What is the story of Ranu Mandal?
A: The story of Ranu Mondal is just that she got fame after her song video got viral. Before that Ranu Mondal used to sing at railway stations.