MS Plus Size India 2019 Uplifts the Fraternity of Plus Size Women | Truly a Historical Show


The recently held Grand Finale of MS Plus Size India 2019 has been grabbing the headlines for the brilliant concept behind the inception of this beauty pageant. The Grand Finale was held at The Lalit, New Delhi. The prestigious event was organized by Daksha Digitas, one of the famous digital marketing agencies in India & RedNWhite Technologies.

Ms. Anwesa Ray Mukhopadhyay from Kolkata has bagged the winner’s trophy.


Ms. Janette Tirkey & Ms. Ruchira Bhattacharya (Tie) was the first runner up whereas Ms. Silkesha emerged as the second runner up. All the participants punched above their weight to walk the prestigious ramp of MS Plus Size India 2019.


The Grand Finale was full of high profile celebrities intensifying the glittering aura of a historical day that was celebrated with full fervor and pride. Aman Verma, the famous TV actor, and celebrity anchor hosted the grand evening with his wit & humor. The jury of the Grand Finale was all glitters. RJ Meenakshi, India’s No 1 RJ from 94.3 My FM and Super Model made the evening more special with her quick-witted nature & pep talk. Mugdha Godse, a famous & glamorous Bollywood actress boosted the morale of all the contestants and spared no one with her charming personality. Mona Varonica Campbell, the First Trans Plus Size Super Model, Bishamber Das, Brand Ambassador & First British Asian Plus Size Model and Payal Soni, the Plus Size Super Model from Mumbai also chaired the glistening jury at the Grand Finale of MS Plus Size India 2019.

“Body shaming has always been a bane to the women. Be it on social media or in a family gathering, we see plus size being criticized, neglected, and what not. We endeavor to empower them and make them feel strong and comfortable in their bodies. The most talented women hide behind the curtains because of their body shape—either they are full-figured or thin. So, the movement needs to be waged against body shaming and this will start plus-size ladies to accept themselves and come forward. Showing up who you are, confidently, in front of the world is the very first step towards it” said, Mr. Binod Kumar, CEO, Daksha Digitas.


The highly anticipated beauty pageant attracted as many as 60,000 applicants from all over India. Out of which a total of 55 ladies made it to the Grand Finale. MS Plus Size India 2019 uplifts the community of plus size ladies by unveiling their hidden potential. The show has proved that a size is just a number, the real beauty resides in the confidence of a woman. It was the first time that Daksha Digitas and RedNWhite Technologies brought the unique runway show with an aim to empower women from all walks of life to shatter the stereotypes related to attractive or beautiful women.

“In a progressive society like ours, we must break free from the shallow beauty standards that slender waist and fair skin make women truly beautiful. This is the time when we must strive to build a society where human bodies are celebrated the way they are, in the very raw form. Through this show, we would like to encourage women in the direction of self-acceptance and self-love. There’s no need to starve or exert yourself just to fit into standards that society has set for you. All you must care for is the health of your body. If you are healthy from within, the external looks do not really matter” said, Mr. Ashwani Kansal, Director, Ms. Plus Size India.