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India is one of the largest countries in the world, both in terms of landmass (7th) and population (2nd), with one of the highest English speaking people (around 12% of the 1.3 billion), so, it is not really a surprise for one to find foreign companies interested in investing in India. Make in India is a project launched by the Government of India to do just that; for years, due to red tape and regulations, investing in India has been challenging but with the Make in India project, Make in India products are now a possibility. Global companies like Apple, Samsung are making full use of this Make in India project launched by GOI, mainly due to the cheap and skilled labor making Make in India products a reality.

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But attracting foreign investment is not the only reason behind the Make in India project; it is not a secret that India is heavily reliant on the exports from China, with which India does not have the greatest of relationship, so, Make in India is launched with keeping this in mind as well – the Make in India logo symbolized this fact as well. The Make in India logo is a prowling lion made of industrial cogs; the Make In India logo represents the national pride and the strength of the manufacturing industry in the nation. This strength of the manufacturing industry has made India one of the global hubs, and Make in India and Make in India products are only going to get more prominent in the years to come.

Now, one might ask what is Make in India and is it really something noteworthy?

Make in India Scheme Objective

The Make in India scheme was launched by the GOI in the year 2014 to boost the manufacturing industry’s growth; the Make in India scheme has three main objectives that are used to determine the success of the Make in India project.

  1. Make in India aims to increase the growth of the manufacturing sector in the Republic of India by at least 12% to 14% annually.
  2. The Make in India project is committed to adding additional 100 million jobs in the economy sector by the year 2022.
  3. And to increase the contribution of the manufacturing industry and Make in India products to the national GDP to 25% by the year 2025.

These are the three stated and primary objects of Make In India; now, let’s talk about the Make in India advantages.

Make in India Advantages

Make in India provides a plethora of advantages to both foreign and domestic investor who is investing in the manufacturing sector. In the case of foreign investors and corporations, Make In India offers an opportunity to manufacture low costing products because of the cheap and skilled labour that is available in India as well the availability of manufacturing materials. India is a mineral-rich country, where one can easily get the required minerals and products supplied.

For domestic investors, the Government of India has offered several tax and loan benefits schemes if the business is planning to invest and commit to Make in India products.

But Make in India advantages are not limited to the investors, as with Make in India, the government aims to create millions of new jobs and not just in the manufacturing sector. With the significant increase in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and serious loosening of regulations, the government aims to create a healthy working middle class and to improve the livelihood of millions living in poverty.

The logo for Make in India is designed with the keeping emphasis on the strength & potential of the manufacturing industry in India as well national pride of the nation, which is shown as a prowling lion ready to take on any challenge, but the logo for Make in India is made with industrial cogs, again signifying the manufacturing industry and government commitment for it to grow rapidly.

The Make in India logo is especially popular among those who have just launched a new start up and/or planning to increase their manufacturing facilities in the country significantly. One can even make use of it by simply downloading a Make in India logo png, but before downloading a Make in India logo png, one needs first to get the permission of the Government of India to use this logo. There are criteria’s that one needs to clear to be eligible to make use of the Make in India logo.

Make in India Registration

Now since the question of what is Make in India is sufficiently answered and benefits explained, the next step for one to do is get their company registered under the Make in India scheme. Make in India registration is a simple and easy process, which can be done by just going to the Make in India website and following the guidelines listed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Make in India Hindi Website?

Make in India Scheme

Make in India is a multilingual website, so if you are looking for Make in India in Hindi or need to register for Make in India in Hindi, then you can do that easily. Make in India in Hindi or in other languages is available as per your convenience.

Once a business is registered with Make in India, it can download the Make in India logo vector and make use of the Make in India logo vector with its brand & business. Using Make in India poster is a fantastic idea as by using Make in India poster, a business not only shows their contribution to the Indian economy and pride in their country but also their commitment to improving the livelihood of millions of people living in the country.

Make in India is one of several schemes launched by the Government of India to improve the economic situation of the country, and the GOI is also tinkering with the FDI regulations to increase the current levels of Foreign Direct Investment in various sectors, including manufacturing.

This Make in India essay was published to help people better understand the goals, motives and meaning behind the Make in India, and we hope that this Make in India essay was able to do just that.

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