Good news for Delhi office goers!!!


It seems that the time of cabs is over and there is another entry into the Delhi market for something amazing. Guess what? An app-based air conditioned bus service for all office going people.

That comes as a major respite for Delhi people who are suffering from the soaring temperatures and increasing levels of pollution. People would now be able to book a seat in the air-conditioned bus on the push of a button. The Delhi government is drafting a new ‘app-based AC Bus Service, 2017’ proposal which will be a respite for people of the capital, in particular office goers. Tickets for these buses would be available online through mobile apps and this service would be provided by private operators on lines similar to those of app-based cab aggregators. The government plans to introduce at least 1000 AC buses.

Transport minister Kailash Gahlot said that the purpose of introducing this scheme is to take private vehicles off Delhi’s roads. This new service will be an important mode of last mile connectivity and a great solution to pollution and traffic congestions. He added that the operators of the buses would be issued stage carriage permits. The buses would be available with various features like Wi-Fi, entertainment system, reclining seats, CCTV cameras, panic buttons etc. This wonderful scheme was launched last year in May but could not kick off due to the fact that operators were to be given contract carriage permits which rendered the whole proposal illegal.

Let us see whether the proposal turns out to be effective or not.