Have you ever thought if dead person wakes up on the way to cremation?


I know it is hard to believe that dead person suddenly woke up, but people it happened. A boy in Karnataka, who was declared dead and was being taken for cremation, suddenly woke up and shocked everyone present there. As per reports a 17 year old boy named Kumar Marewad from Managundi village, district Dharwad was bitten by a dog nearly a month back. He suffered from high fever and was admitted to the hospital. His health started declining and subsequently he was placed on a ventilator.

Sharanappa Naikar, Kumar’s brother-in-law said that the Doctors had clearly told them that the whole body of Kumar had got infected and if he was taken off the life support system, he will not be able to survive. He added that they had decided to bring Kumar home after being informed of least chances of his survival.

When Kumar was brought home, his family members observed that he was not breathing and there was no motion in his body so they just began for his last journey and asked the villagers to arrange for his cremation.

When they went 2 Km away from the village, Kumar started breathing fast, opened his eyes and stroke his limbs giving a shock to his family members and villagers. He was taken back to the hospital where doctors put him again on a ventilator.

Dr Mahesh Neelakhantannavar told “Kumar is on life support system. He suspects that Kumar suffers from meningoencephalitis, an infection which is caused due to dog bite.”

Kumar may have started breathing once again, but his poor parents are still worried as they said Kumar did not go to school after class IX to support them. He used to work as a construction laborer. His elder brother is physically disabled. They need support for his treatment.

We hope that you will be soon alright Kumar!! Stay tuned with Mastkhabar for more updates. Share your views and comments below.