Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya: 10 Quotes will surely make you fall in love

divyanka and vivek

Disclaimer: This post might make you want to have a lover in your life right now!

Sometimes, you know you have found the one in the first meeting itself. This philosophy holds true in Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya’s case. Their arranged-cum-love story was nothing less than an Ekta Kapoor serial. As the countdown to their wedding begins we bring to you a list of 10 most romantic things that Divyanka and Vivek have said about each other. We are sure their quotes will come handy to many young lovers.

5 things said by Divyanka

# The first time we met, the breeze of love had started blowing and by the third-fourth meeting it had taken us by storm. I realised we are meant to be together. Vivek is a positive person who pulled me out of a major low that I was going through.

# Whenever we meet, it’s romantic, but yes the most romantic thing was the day when I went to his place. I saw a beautiful photoframe with my picture in it. He had clicked the picture some time, which I wasn’t aware of. He had also written a love poem in Hindi and I am sure for a guy who spoke Londonwali English it must have taken a lot of effort. That time I was sure this is the man for me aur koi nahi ho sakta!

# I saw Vivek standing with this beautiful T-Shirt with ‘Marry Me Diyvanka’ written on it. He told me ‘you have everything, but you need somebody who will be committed to you for life. I promise I will never hurt you and keep you happy all your life’. He had a ring in his hand. It was the most beautiful experience of my life.

# You shall never walk alone, your shadow forever Divyanka

# He had the guts to accept a woman who was at a certain position. Actually he had no idea of my stature. He didn’t even know how much work I had done….I found someone who actually became happy in my happiness, I could see that sparkle in his eyes

5 things said by Vivek

# She blows me away while her smile – She has the best smile ever! I also love her eyes which show the willingness to commit.

# There are many small things and everyday with her is romantic for me. But the most romantic would be the day she cooked for me. It may sound like a common thing, but I know how busy Divyanka is and I value it.

# I love that she manages her personal and professional life really well. That she does it beautifully and effortlessly. Sometimes I have to look out for her so that she gives some time for herself to sleep. She can compromise on all those things to balance it out. I feel guilty but it is not something that many would do for their partners.”

# Divyanka is romantic at heart like me. I always thought that I am and I never knew earlier if I would find a girl who would reciprocate in the same manner. But Divyanka certainly is.

# When I look deep into her eyes, I see her heart, which is filled with love for me. That is our romance. At times, we just look at each other and keep staring.

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