9 Tips To Be Rain-Ready, Every Day!

Rainy Day

Being unprepared for a showery day can quite literally ruin your day , so here are 9 mistakes you shouldn’t make to survive an unexpected drizzle.

1. Flat Ironing

While this sort of styling may be the only way to deal with a bad hair day, it is also the scariest mistake you could commit if it rains. This could potentially lead to frizzy hair, as well as multiple knots. Keep it natural and experiment with a fishtail braid or a colorful bandana!

Rainy day

2. Not wearing waterproof make-up

This tip seems fairly obvious, but cannot be understated! Avoid looking scary by opting to wear water-proof make-up.

Rainy day

3. Getting soaked on a rooftop

Getting drenched in the rain while dancing on a rooftop may seem like a contemporary fairytale moment, but with all the exposed wires it may not be a good idea. If you want to really enjoy the nature, just go to your garden instead and play in the rain.

Rainy day

4. Wearing incompatible footwear

Summer outfits are always airy and breathable, so Kolhapuris obviously work very well. However during rains, open toed footwear is a no-no. Try wellies, rubber shoes, or canvas sneakers to navigate all that dirt.

Rainy day

5. Wearing white clothes

Potholes, puddles, rash driving and white clothes are a sure shot recipe for disaster. Avoid wearing white as much as you can during this season. If you must though, carry a jacket or a shirt to layer your clothes with. Best is to stay cautious and opt for greys, navies, blacks so you fit right in with the weather!

Rainy day

6. Taking your pets out for a walk

Regular dog baths are a nightmare. They are reluctant, it’s needed, a wole dramatic sequence ensues. Now imagine your pets terribly dirty due to all the rainy muck! Furthermore, if during the walk your pet gets terribly paranoid due to the intense weather, it’ll be extremely hard to control them.

Rainy day

7. Eating street food

Your favourite bhajji and bread pakoda may seem like mouthwatering options in the monsoon but it can earn give you an upset stomach, or other water-borne diseases. Make sure you only indulge in these when you’re certain of the sanitation of its source. Meanwhile stock up on all the filter coffees and homemade snacks to revel in the season.

Rainy day

8. Opening your windows

Swishing winds, flying curtains, doors creaking are all staples of horror. Don’t live that out during the rains, by waking up any moment thinking you are about to be attacked. Shut all windows to avoid any tense moments, and any water trickling in!

Rainy day

9. Leaving electronics plugged in

Lastly, leaving your smartphone on charge all night may seem like a very efficient idea, but it could also lead to many problems. You can never be too sure about how water can seep into your homes, so make sure you unplug and switch off all electronic devices before sleeping.

Rainy day

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