8 Yoga Asanas to Live a Stress Free Life

Yoga Asanas

We all have absolutely tedious schedules, day after day we battle stress and tension! No amount of sleep, food, activity seems to really ease off the tense muscles in our bodies. In such a scenario the only thing that can be helpful is a lot of meditation, and some detoxifying yoga!

We bring you some asanas that will make you feel rejuvenated and happy, and ready to take on your daily life with renewed energy!

Yoga Asana

Thanks to this asana, your muscles get stretched and your blood circulation improvise. The increased blood supply then clears your body off of the harmful substances. With a calm mind, chances of you getting an anxiety addled headache is also less!

2) Shishuasana

Yoga Asana

This asana calms down your nervous system, and relaxes your back and relieves you off problems of indigestion. However, its advised for pregnant women to avoid this form as the back and stomach stretches can prove to be harmful.

3) Shavasana

Yoga Asana

Shavasana is one of the most famous amongst seasoned yoga practitioners. It involves minimal effort, and has many benefits ranging from rejuvenating your mind and body to also relieving you off complete stress. However, it’s important for you to indulge in happy thoughts while doing this, otherwise it’s a wasted effort!

4) Marjaryasana

Yoga Asana

Imitating a cat just got a purpose! This asana requires you to bend forward, in a pose that mirrors a cat’s posture. It is useful for those with back problems, as it tones the area plus diminishes tense muscles!

5) Setu Bandhuasana

yoga asanas

This asana requires you to stretch your body in a posture similar to a bridge. It does wonders to calm your mind, as it stretches your neck, chest, and spine at the same time. It makes your entire body charge up, and you will feel instantly revitalized.

6) Trikonsana

yoga asanas

This asana is helpful as your entire body gets stretched, and opens us the pores and blocks that you possess. The body becomes light, and thus translates into a lighter mind as well. This lessens stress, and you feel elevated!

7) Adho Mukha Svanasana

yoga asanas

This asana is perfect for fatigued muscles. If you are feeling tired, it helps in relieving neck pain, and improves in blood circulation. Your stiff muscles become loose due to the back and arm stretch, and your body becomes less exhausted.

8) Janu Sirsasana

yoga asanas

It’s a rather difficult pose, however once you get the hang of it – it provides you with a calmer mind, relieved tension, improved digestion and especially strengthens your back muscles. It’s a multifaceted asana, and helps you in a myriad ways!

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