5 Makeup Tips To Avoid Looking Older


There’s nothing like a touch of makeup to brighten up a gloomy day don’t you think? We’ve noticed that we’re just happier, and more confident about ourselves, on days that our beauty look is on point. But there’s a flip side too. On the days that our makeup is not happy with us, it tends to make us look more mature, as opposed to fresh, which in turn, sours our mood as well. If you know exactly what we’re talking about, and go through the same emotions yourself too, we have good news for you. After a whole lot of trials and errors, we’ve figured out exactly how to avoid looking older with makeup, and we give your our top 5 tips for the same.


Foundation: Using the wrong shade foundation is one of the easiest ways to look older. One shade too light, and your face will look lifeless; one shade too dark, and your face will look dull. Both of these factors are sure to increase the age on your face. So make sure you choose the right shade.


Blush: We all know that blush is supposed to be applied onto the apples of your cheeks. But just applying it on the apples and not blending it results is a comical look that also makes your face look older. Blend your blush properly and upwards towards your temples, as this will make your face look slimmer, which also makes it look younger.


Eyebrows: There is nothing more important for your beauty look than the shape and look of your eyebrows. Most people have a habit of shaping their eyebrows too thin, which results in an older look. Avoid over-plucking your eyebrows, because nothing can make you look younger than natural-looking, thick eyebrows.


Eyeliner: Everybody loves a good smoky eye. But over lining both the upper and lower lids of your eyes is a sure shot way to look older. The combination of eyeliner and kohllooks great for a night or party look, but for your everyday look, we’d suggest you only use the liner on your upper lids. This brings an angularity to your eyes that is guaranteed to make you look younger.

Lip colour

Lip colour: Dark lip colours are the rage right now, and with good reason too. Not only do they look great, they also are perfect at bringing the attention to your lips. But unfortunately, this trend is not going to be your best friend if your intention is to look younger. Dark colours make your lips look bigger and more defined, which is definitely going to make you look older. Also, make sure you choose lip colours with a light and sheer formula, so as to not accentuate the lines on your lips.

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